Using evidence and mindfulness-based approaches, we provide psychotherapy, counseling, and consulting services for individuals, families and groups to elicit the transformation of suffering. Many insurance plans accepted.

Hawaiian Culture

Experience healing through Hawaiian culture through our full-moon Awa Ceremonies and educational programs and groups such as Pohala Fern Medicine. Classes and workshops are offered on Hawaiian plants and culture by some of our affiliate members.

Lifestyle Consulting

Naturopathic Doctors and Yoga instructors offer lifestyle consulting services. To develop a healthier lifestyle, improve your relationship with food, or a more personalized yoga practice, schedule a consultation with one of our certified specialists.

Meet Your Mindful Living Ohana


Jessica Brazil, LCSW

Founder, Psychotherapist & Yoga Instructor

Cailin Goodier, LCSW

Psychotherapist, Child & Family Therapist

Laurie Bogart, MA


Kale Ka’alekahi

Hawaiian Cultural Practitioner, Story Teller, Spiritual Activist

Joanne King, MA


Sandra Diaz, MA


Jocelyn Cordero, LMFT

Psychotherapist & Family Therapy

Dr. Heike Kholooci, PsyD


Molly Palmer, APRN-Rx, PMHNP-BC

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Shirley Ramey, LPN


David Bruce Leonard, LAc

Acupuncturist & Medical Herbalist

Marion Hart, MS

Billing & Health Technologies Administrator

Want to join Us?

We are always looking for mindful team members, please contact us!

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Office Location:

Mindful Living Group
1300 N. Holopono St. Suite 108
Kihei, HI 96753

Mailing Address:

Mindful Living Group
P.O. BOX 1977
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“Jessica is not only a professional that stays true to her beliefs – she is open to listen to her client’s needs and is able to adapt to deliver beyond what is discussed. She is able to communicate through passion and love in a simple and authentic way that captures the audience and resonates with different types of participants, including high level executives.”

Audrey Guibat Demont
Audrey Guibat DemontGlobal Engagement Portfolio Lead, Medtronic

“Jessica has a peaceful approach to life which I have always admired and respected. Whatever the situation is, however stressful or unhappy, she has always encouraged me to follow a path of peace, conflict resolution and harmony. She models this in her own life as well. We refer to her for therapy services because of her kind, calming nature and love for others.”

Dr. Sonia Gupta
Dr. Sonia GuptaD.D. S. Owner Maui Dental Group

“Jessica’s leadership retreat was amazing! It was a true reboot; a time of rejuvenation and transformation for the soul. Through her mindful teachings, I was able to recharge and learn new leadership tools. She goes much deeper into self care than a book and a bubble bath, and the shifts that needed to occur in my life had a lasting impact. I truly enjoyed this luxurious retreat experience and would definitely attend another in the future.”

Dr. Stacey Ammerman
Dr. Stacey AmmermanOBGYN, Owner Maui Lani Physicians and Surgeons

“Mindful Living Group’s offering of MBSR really elevated my mindfulness practice with the stress management tools I needed. Their retreat was especially helpful on a personal level extending into my leadership and public service roles. Jessica’s mindful spiritual teaching was just what I needed facing challenges of daily life while being grounded and present. Regular mindfulness practice is what’s needed in my life to have a lasting impact. Her yoga class left me centered and clear for the entire day. I highly recommend MBSR as an indispensable investment for anyone looking to improve their well-being.”

Max Tsai
Max TsaiMaui County Police Commissioner & President, CEO TC Kokua