A Naturopathic physician (a licensed ND) combines the diagnostic skills of a medical doctor with treatments utilizing the healing power of nature. If given the right support, our bodies have the innate ability to heal themselves in most cases.

ND’s may may use the following tools to treat YOU rather than your disease or illness:

  • Herbal medicine (as teas, tinctures or capsules)
  • Homeopathy (very tiny doses of specific medicine)
  • Nutrition (as food or in supplement form)
  • Lifestyle counseling (mindfulness, exercise, etc)
  • Physical medicine (massage, craniosacral, deep tissue)

In addition, ND’s may utilize medications at times when that is the best choice for healing (i.e. antibiotics, antivirals, anti-hypertensives). This is done with great thought, based on the philosophy of “First, do no harm”.

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