About Adesh Khalsa
Business Coach, Yoga Teacher

Adesh has been practicing the teaching yoga and the healing arts since 1998.  She draws on her many skills in her private practice including: Reiki (Master Level), spiritual life coach, Bio-metaphysical Medicine, Zero Point Meditation Technique, Flower Essence Therapy, Akara Numerology, and she trained personally under Master Lao in compass school Flying Star Feng Shui.  She Founded the Kundinyasa School of yoga (Kundalini Vinyasa Fusion) in San Diego in 2008 but has been taking students through powerful transformational classes for 15 years and has been leading yoga teacher trainings for 6.  She developed “The Upaya Method” a 40 day life transformation program that incorporates all of her skills helping individuals to achieve their goals of health, stability, santosha (contentment), and abundance in their lives. She has a natural gift for mantra and shamanic sound healing and believes very much in the power of both to heal by raising vibrational patterns creating new resonance resulting in positive life changes.

Another one of Adesh’s passions is business coaching. She uses intuitive listening to help people on their entrepreneurial path, offering effective solutions and creative ideas to enhance products, logo, design, marketability and profitability. She has opened and sold two successful tea bars in San Diego in 5 years providing her with quite a bit of financial freedom and she has helped many entrepreneurs find the success, clarity and direction they were looking for.

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