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Practical Alchemy May 23-28th

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Retreat Dates: May 23- 28 2017

Retreat Location: Ala Kukui Hana, Maui

Ala Kukui in Hawaiian means Pathway of Enlightenment. This location is one of Maui’s most sacred HIGH vibration lands.

Join us for an amazing Practical Alchemy retreat during the New Moon in Gemini marking magical new beginnings & harmonizing of Gemini’s duality. This is an ideal time to gather co-creative gifts to support planetary alignment.

Hosted by Respected Spiritual Teachers Jess Brazil Wiyapaha Mantra Preet Adesh Khalsa, & Erin Nicole

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The mission of the Mindful Living Group is to make mindfulness programs and services accessible so that people, families, and teams will experience its proven benefits. Each professional within the group cultivates a strong and compassionate mindfulness practice to help our clients achieve optimal wellness

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We are a group of practitioners who share a common vision to bring wellness through mindfulness to the world. Whether you are an individual who needs help, a business owner who wishes to bring mindfulness to the workplace, or you just want to join a group of like-minded people, we have a service that is right for you.

Mindfulness means we embrace a shared philosophy of compassion, gentleness, & holistic view and approach to life. We believe there is no disconnect between the mind-body-spirit and are here in a variety of ways to serve and support.  What makes us unique is we are all committed to a daily mindfulness practice so that we may be more present with our clients.

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Client of Maui Recovery

“I look forward to the guided meditation sessions. They really help me feel relaxed and at peace”

Client of Maui RecoveryRecovering AddictMaui Recovery: Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment Center
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